EHS Policy

Environment, Occupational Health & Safety is the most important aspects of the organization to set its ours heading way to ultimate objective of uninterrupted power generation, through adoption of a structured approach for the identification of significant aspects/risks, their evaluation and control of the impact.

EHS Concept :

EHS & productivity are two wings of bird, which are complementary to each other enabling the bird to fly fast and reach its destination in time. Excellence in EHS culture is effective not only in reducing accident rates, environmental impact and occupational hazards but also in promoting efficiency resulting in the highest eventual turnover.

Separate Environment, Health and Safety department with qualified professionals exists at facility and corporate level for following surveillance:

  • Identify the risks and aspects/impact arising out of the plant's various operational activities and anticipate the consequences of
    the emergencies or disasters arising out of the hazards.
  • Outline explicitly the utilization of the existing resources both in terms of man, machine and material to eliminate the hazards or
    letting any incident develop into a major disaster.
  • Should an emergency occur, mobilize both internal and external resources to cope up with it and contain the disaster and mitigate the consequential damage, threatening of life, property and environment for which a sequential action plan has been prepared according to the disaster management guidelines.
  • Train all associates including contractor's workers to develop one's skill, attitude and knowledge on various EHS perspective.

EHS Initiatives :

Monthly EHS Steering Committee meetings.

Monthly EHS bulletin for mass awareness
and communication at all sites.

EHS quiz, EHS suggestions and poster
competition among all associates.

EHS contribution in selection of best
managers of the year at site.

Monthly best EHS coordinator at site.

Photo of the employee on all notice boards
for reporting near miss.

Joint agreement with all contractors to
follow EHS norms.

Meeting with EHS professionals and
sharing the best practices.

Communication to all associates in case of
near miss, incident and minor injury.

Monthly ZERO EHS violation achieved by
contractors is circulated and presented in
monthly EHS meeting.

Monthly review of EHS perspective legal

Safety assurance plan.

Daily tool talk on safety.

EHS audit system.

Lock out/ Tag out system.

Work permit system.

Near-miss reporting system.

Accident reporting and investigation

Sustainable Development activities

  • Environmental aspects identified and their impacts prioritized through EMP
  • Operational Controls/Improvement projects in place on significant impacts
  • Compliance to the environmental legislative requirements
  • Green House Gas emission monitoring
  • RoHS compliance management