India needs reliable power, time to revive coal-based generation: Ravi Arya, President, Hindustan Power

New Delhi, September 23, 2016: Talking at the 17th Regulators & Policy Makers Retreat organized IPPAI, Ravi Arya, President Thermal said, “With more than one-third of the country’s coal-based power capacity lying idle, it is time to revive the demand. The current government has made policy changes to benefit the overall power sector and now it is working to revive the stranded assets. The discoms which is a vital part of power supply-chain is facing severe financial distress and the regulators should now focus to solve this challenge.”


Mr Arya also said, “India needs reliable power not only for its growing population but also for ~ 200 million people who do not have access to basic power at all. By doing this, India will not only increase its per capita power consumption but also continue 7.5% GDP growth. There is an urgent need to speed up reforms in the power distribution sector which currently is crippled on account of staggering financial losses because of which they are unable to pay the cost of purchasing electricity.”


The session concluded on the note with IPPAI summing up – :This discussion could not have come up at a more opportune time as the Country is trying to come up with solutions to provide reliable 24X7 power to all. Programs like UDAY, DDUGJY etc will not only ensure power to all but also spur the growth of Indian economy”


About Hindustan Power


A leading player in India’s energy sector, Hindustan Power has plants in thermal, solar and hydro. The Company is developing more than 6,100 MW of capacity using conventional and non-conventional energy sources in India, Europe and the USA. Although the world’s fourth-largest energy consumer after the USA, China and Russia, India lacks abundant energy resources and meets its development needs by using all available resources. This understanding helped the Company focus on renewable energy for the short-to-mid-term, and conventional energy for the mid-to-long term. Secured supply chains, a diversified customer base and focus on the right technology according to region ensures risk-mitigated growth.


Hindustan Power has consistently focused on giving maximum returns to its stakeholders via corporate growth and social responsibility. Headquartered in New Delhi, the Company has power generation assets in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh in India as well as in countries such as Germany, Italy, the US, the UK and Japan.




IPPAI was set up as a not-for-pro­fit association shortly after the Government of India opened the power sector to private industry. Since its inception as an independent body in 1994, IPPAI’s aim has been to provide a neutral platform for the examination of issues critical to the development of the power sector in India, to discuss energy policy and to focus on strategic, fi­nancial, legal, regulatory and technical issues in the power, oil, gas and allied sectors with a prime focus on independent power producers.


As we initiate dialogues within the power sector incorporating environmental and socio-ecological concerns in our deliberations, we look at strategies which are more holistic and do not prescribe economic growth at the cost of the environment. Moving ahead, we are keen to bring a sustainable approach in our policies.


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