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Sustainable business is our ethos. As championed in Brundtland Commission’s Report – Our Common Future, we adopt the principles of resource optimization, waste reduction, and non-consumptive use of resources to meet our present business need while allowing enough resource for future need.We have our business strategies customized in a manner which allows us to enhance productivity and efficiency following the life cycle assessment approach in our business processes. Energy efficiency and waste reduction are two primary means by which we derive our business. We have therefore, adopted all possible energy mix in our business goal to contribute towards energy security of the country. Further, following triple bottom line, we engage proactively with our major stakeholders i.e. society at large through our Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Our CSR is integral to our business processes and it gets borne along with project conceptualization. We are equally concerned with health and safety of our employees and large number of other workers engaged in projects. We therefore, have EHS Policy is place in conformity to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Further, we have Corporate Environment Responsibility which do not let us our belief in doing business in sync with natural environment slip from our perspective.We believe that sustainability starts with internal stakeholders – employees who become the champion of doing business sustainably. We orient our employee to take business decisions which is in sync with natural environment and transparent manner. Our founding principles of doing business is “ACCEPT” (Awareness, Compliance, Communication, Engagement, and Transparency). Let us build a sustainable world together.

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