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Services Offered

The solar arm is focused on developing mid- large scale solar energy projects from concept to commissioning stage through its in-house EPC arm.

It provides services in:


The consulting process prior to the development of a project provides integrated and comprehensive framework for various parameters such as:

Which locations are best, based on solar radiation assessment?
  • Identification of prospective sites
  • Survey of area / land
  • Assessment of Solar radiations on land
Major activities that need to be considered while planning the project?
  • Schematic Design Stage
  • Preparation of Overall Master Programme
  • Finalization of Bill of Material (BOM) based on approved design
  • Design Management (Complete ownership of Design) services
  • Importer Exporter Code (IEC) registration for Imports
  • Sales Tax and VAT registration
  • Labour registrations
  • Designing International Competitive Bidding (ICB) process for selection of EPC Contractor
  • Appointing Third party administrator for conducting ICB Process
  • Preparation and Submission of action plan for entire International Competitive Bidding
  • Bidding (ICB) process in consultation with Developer, and ensure compliance with corresponding timeline for all activities
  • Review of Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) for Expression of Interest (EoI) under ICB
  • Receiving requests under EoI
  • Establish and perform EoI actions (call and verify interest of each party in the project, and determine whether they will tender an offer)
  • Preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP) document
  • Issuance of RFP to the shortlisted bidders in consultation with the Developer
  • Receive and reply to the queries of Bidders in consultation with the Developer or its appointed Technical Consultant
  • Receive proposals from the Bidders
  • Day to day periodical Management Information System (MIS) for activities in the RFP process and periodically circulate for the review of concern parties to Developer
  • Finalize the technical evaluation report in consultation with the Developer or its appointed Technical Consultant
  • Prepare and seek queries/replies, if required from the bidders for further enquiries
  • Comprehensive analysis of the proposals based on RFP selection criteria for further shortlisting prior to opening of Financial Proposals
  • Opening the Financial Bids
  • Analyze and compare the financial proposal in consultation with the MBCEL/Developer or its appointed Consultant
  • Preparation of Bidders evaluation report describing the selection process and the result obtained
  • Preparation of Draft “Project Approval Certificate” to be issued to Contractor / Sub Contractor under DGFT Guidelines
  • Provide Certification of various stages as and when required based on independent assessment of the documents and information to ascertain adherence to the agreed bid process and also certification of Complete Process and submission of Report
Procuring Land for the project
  • Technical appraisal of land for suitability
  • Assistance in procurement of land for the project including liaison with land arranger and farmers for acquisition of land
  • Providing payment security mechanism to land arranger as envisaged under the arrangement with the land arranger
  • Permanent entry of land in the company names.
  • Mutation of land
  • Application for Govt surveyor map of the said land and its Govt certified map receipt with necessary payment
Obtaining Government/Statutory Approvals
  • Correspondence with various Govt agencies
  • All Govt or local level approvals to set up plant
  • Application, approval and electrical connection for project requirement, O&M requirement, site office requirement, electrical connection
  • Approval to cut trees etc.
  • Layout plan of factory approved by the Building and construction dept.
  • Pollution control Board NOC
  • NA of the land with relevant fees for conversion of land to Industrial  purpose application
  • Obtaining NA  of land from collector office
  • Factory license
  • Fire and safety permission
  • Sales tax / VAT / Income Tax record upkeep including filing of returns and audit as well as assessment on behalf of the developers
  • Filings with ROC – periodic & Annual
Assessment of the structural, electrical and environmental elements
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance program
  • Comprehensive Health and Environment program
  • Construction Management Services
  • Electrical Commissioner Certificate for all electrical related activity of the project with necessary fees
  • Overall control of the site and building
  • Complete Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Preparation of project reports and providing required information to various project stake holders and lenders
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report
  • Preparing the Detailed Project Report
  • Preparation of Monthly information regarding expenditure incurred on various packages and submitting the same to stakeholders and lenders
Support services during pre-construction, construction & post construction period
  • Assistance to the company on all legal issues under the PPA or otherwise
  • Approval for power evacuation with relevant payment
  • Coordination for connection with STU transmission line and providing system study reports
  • Application to SEB/Discom/State Govt.  for the project  along with all the necessary details and fees
  • Procurement (Except interface with regulatory authority for Exemption Certificates)
  • Obtaining letter from SEB/Discom/State Govt. for the project execution
  • Project commissioning Witness and certification   when the project is complete and is ready for commissioning
  • Commissioning certificate issuance
  • Monthly joint reading report
  • Collection of the monthly generation report
  • Prepare the bills based on Monthly generation report and submit to SEB for payment of electricity generation based on SLDC generation report
  • Collection of the monthly payment from SEB against bills submission
  • As – Built drawing
  • Completion Certificates
  • Warranty Documents
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual
  • Training for O&M staff
  • Punch list/ defect list
  • Overall control of Stores, Material, Tools and Equipments  at Site
  • Material movement at site including loading / unloading
  • Coordinating with Project Owner / EPC for invoicing from EPC
  • General Management and On-Site Staff
  • Co-ordinate Testing and Inspections
  • Co-ordinate Shop Drawing Submissions
  • Comprehensive Safety Program
  • Circulate Weekly Progress Reports
  • Labour and Community Relations
  • Changes in the Work/Cost Control
  • Providing adequate manpower for ensuring due performance of all activities
Financial services
  • Furnishing / Arranging Guarantees required under the PPAs or otherwise.
  • Preparation of information required to be submitted to lenders.
  • Assistance in Financial closure of the project and subsequent disbursements
  • Securing project financing
  • Arranging short (bridge) / long term funds for the project from group companies
  • Maintenance of books of account and preparation of Financials including getting them audited and filed with ROC


The solar arm has the expertise to provide a complete array of services necessary for successful completion of feasible projects. We integrate various stakeholders and governing authorities connected with the project towards procuring all necessary permits and clearances for the fast track development of the project.


We take pride in completing the project before the defined timelines and ensure quality, reliability and functional requirements of the Solar PV System. We perform site management services like supervision of construction, erection, testing and commissioning of equipments and facilities to ensure compliance to quality, safety and performance requirements. Our certified field staff manages the entire erection & commissioning process and if required, the power evacuation infrastructure set up as well.

Training, Operation & Maintenance

We also undertake O & M activities and deploy trained staff to maintain the system over longer periods of time and ensure timely rectification of issues, if any. In addition, we provide manpower services for providing training to the technicians on the operation, repairing and maintenance of solar PV plant.

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