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Miyar Hydro Electric Project - Himachal Pradesh

Project Capacity - 120 MW

The project envisages an installation of 120 MW capacity and has been awarded to Hindustan Power through the international competitive bidding process. The project component comprises of a construction of a 25 m high diversion structure, about 6.6 km long headrace tunnel, an open to sky restricted orifice surge tank, a surface powerhouse complex on the right bank of river Chenab near Udaipur town. Power would be generated by harnessing 215.54 m of rated head between intake and tail race outfall location.

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Project Location

Miyar Hydroelectric Project is located in District Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh on the Miyar Nallah which is a major tributary of Chenab River.

Miyar Hydro Project Location

Project Objectives

The Project shall provide:

Project Strengths

Location Advantage:


Salient features of Miyar HEP (120 MW)

Project Location
State Himachal Pradesh
District Lahaul & Spiti
River Miyar
Vicinity Udaipur Village
Catchment area 901 Km2
Snow fed catchment area 601Km2
Full reservoir level (FRL) 2845.00 m a.s.l.
Minimum drawdown level (MDDL) 2837.23 m a.s.l.
Crest length of Barrage 91 m
Height of Barrage (above sill level) 27 m
River Division
Diversion Tunnel Length, Diameter 232.5 m, 6.5 m D-Shaped
Tunnel Intake
Location Left Bank
Headrace Tunnel
Finished Shape Circular
Length 6643.0 m
Finished Diameter 4.7 m
Surge Shaft
Type & Number Open to sky, 1 no.
Shaft Dia 10 m
Pressure Tunnel / Pens Tock
Type & Number 1 no, steel lined, 3.6 m dia
Power House
Capacity 3 x 40 MW
Type Surface
Size L X W 85.5 x 17 m
Average Gross Head 231.81 m
Turbine type & no Francis, 3 nos
Design Discharge 61.35 cumecs
Rated Head 215.54 m
Inlet valve type Spherical, 1.6 m dia
Generator type & no. 3 nos. , 3 phase Synchronous
Transformer Deck
Transformer type & no 9 nos, Single phase, 18 MVA each
Location Outdoor
Tail Race Channel
Type & Number Surface, One

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