Hydro Power


Hindustan Power has devised a blueprint on the right utilization of water to create electricity and serve solutions to starting from the general people to businesses and government electricity boards.

Water is a natural and useful source of the many energy resources used to produce electricity. Thus HPPPL is involved in developing hydro power plant on Chenab River and its tributary at Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh with a combined generation capacity of around 520 MW and one project in Sikkim of 40 MW.The Hydro Power Plant post completion will meet the severe demand for electricity in these areas.

Foundation Objective

Hindustan Power aims to utilize the maximum potential of hydro power, a natural and powerful source of energy to bridge the huge power deficits.

Hindustan Electricpower Ltd. was established in 2008 with an objective to undertake development of hydro projects sustainably. Hydro power is our richest renewable and environmentally benign source of energy. It is a natural choice for meeting the peak demand. The right mix of hydro power in the energy portfolio will contribute towards energy security, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and also increased flexibility in grid operation.

Highlights :

  • Setting up major high power hydro power plants in North, North-East India and in Nepal
  • Portfolio of projects suit the market opportunities by location - located in the power deficit Northern Region
Hydro Power
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