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Always impressed with changes every time. I visit missing Prakash. Project has dedicated personnel and will achieve COD as planned.

Mr. O.P. Murali,Blackstone

Impressed as always with the level of commitment and spirit of the people in creating this facility. Wishing good luck in their venture and would always like to come back and see the fruits of this mammoth effort.

Mr. VenkataramanSBI

Amazed, impressed by the commitment and vision of the company and staff. Good Luck and Best Wishes.

Mr. Sudhi Mukerjee,IFC Colombo

Very impressed with the team and their commitment to the project and to the surrounding community. The School especially left me speechless. I wish you all a very happy journey through the project.

Ms. Bharti Solanky,IFC Delhi

Thanks for inviting me to the CSR function and appreciate it very much. I am very much impressed with the perseverance and dedication you all are showing to the CSR activities at site. In a country like India , this is very essential to look at the people from the rural area and make them self-sufficient. My good wishes to you and continue the good work you are all doing in an exemplary manner.

Ms. Murali Ombathiveli,Blackstone

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