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From consumer to small entrepreneur….A journey of Sita Ram and Munni Bai

Name: Sita Ram and Munni Bai
Age: 40 and 36 Years
Project: Back Yard Poultry (BYP)

Backyard poultry has never been that much important activity for farmers of villages of Jaithari block, though they used to raise local (desi) chicks mostly for personal consumption. One such village is Pator-tola where farmer Sitaram and his wife Munni Bai have been doing their farm activities on 10 acre of land, such a good chunk of land require small mechanized equipment or oxen for ploughing. Sitaram’s elder brother’s oxen were getting older and thus making it difficult to plough the farm lands. Meanwhile, the families have always been looking to evaluate some alternate options for income generations to be worked upon or to give some of the farm area on lease.

Stated with a motive to generate additional income, Sitaram took 10 pre-vaccinated chicks from Hindustan Power as part of Backyard Poultry (BYP) intervention under the Income Generation Programs (IGP) for farmers. These chicks were taken for Rs 25/- for whole batch and then the couple raised the chickens on home based gain diets such as corn/wheat/rice. This helped the family avail the opportunity to sell those healthy and grown up birds post six months. With 80 % survival rate the chicks were sold at Rs 2000/- and thus gave farmers enough money at a time to buy two new oxen from the earned amount. The money, not only supplemented in replacing old oxen with new ones, but it also gave an exposure to option for income generation through backyard poultry. Today, after 3 years the couple still practices poultry farming with a view generate additional income, thus inculcating entrepreneurial outlook.

Sitaram is now a happy farmer cause as of now he is able to cultivate varied grains such as pulses (Urad , Arhar) and Maize apart from Paddy. His 2 new oxen are young and fully fit to work for nearly 15 years in field.

A Business of her own

Name: Mamta Rathore
Age: 29 Years
Project: Self Help Group (SHG)

Mamta Rathore is one the oldest member of one of the SHGs who is engaged in savings & credit scheme of SHG like any other woman of the group and reaped explicit benefits from the same. Prior to SHG intervention, Mamta had no choice but to take money on credit from local money lenders at a higher interest rate i.e. 3 %.

Things changed when she joined the SHG in the village Gowari in 2015. Ever since then, her basic knowledge of the savings and credits has increased quite a bit. Now she easily get the small loan amount on 2% monthly basis and also it is within close proximity, as earlier she had to travel out of her village even for smaller loans (i.e. for less than Rs 5,000). Now, not only can the interest but the principle amount be repaid in small weekly instalments thus putting fewer constraints on her family budget.

Being a part of the SHG has also raised her family’s aspirations. Last year she took a loan of Rs 5,000 for setting up a small shop and soon she returned. She has now taken Rs 8000 for her children’s education and she is very hopeful that with the help of extra money from the shop she will be able to return back this amount too, within time.

Towards a better future

The trainings helped give information on rights, sexual and reproductive health and thus making her capable enough to influence her family towards positive attitude


Name: Goldy
Age: 17 Years
Project: Umang

There is lack of awareness and understanding about Reproductive Rights and Choices available for young women and this is ignorance is not limited to rural masses. The initiative like Umang majorly provides opportunities to create a strong network which guide these young female teenagers or adolescents about their will to bring a positive change in themselves and their community to stop child marriage. Goldy is one such member of a group named ‘Parvati Kishori Balika’ in the village Chandpur. Before joining Project Umang, Goldy like any other teenager in the village wasn’t about her rights and moreover she was reticent about sharing her views or participating in the decision making in the family even when it was about her life.

When her father planned to get her married, she discussed the matter with members of the group, and later with the Gram Mitra. Through personal discussions Gram Mitra conveyed to the family that it was illegal to marry off a girl below 18 years of age and also adverse impacts of early marriage on the girl .Finally the family agreed on shifting their attitude.

Goldy has even built a much better relationship with her mother now, as she can speak with her on the matters which she earlier thought are unspeakable like reproductive health or her decision towards the marriage and selection of groom in the future. Whereas her parents now seek the opportunity to fully develop their children potential as healthy, productive and empowered citizens. Goldy has now become more expressive within the group and it is quite a big achievement for a shy girl like her.

Breaking the barriers of casteism……starting from your doorstep!

Name: Nisha
Age: 17 Years
Project: yUDAI

Even after the constitutional ban, the actual abolition of outcaste status is still far away from reality in many parts of the country. One of such regions is the tribal belt of Anuppur (Madhya Pradesh) where many families still holds the stigma for untouchability. The instances like separate sitting, standardize works and many other unsaid outlaws for dalits/tribals are still being inherited by the adults of the community. Breaking of stereotypes and an insight on how change needs to start from self, have given our yUDAI trainees, an impetus and courage to break away from their own biases and negative social conditioning.

Nisha is one of the best examples of one such yUDAI trainee. She is now a confident high school student who broke her own old myths of paranormal activities and untouchability, stories which were engraved in her childhood. Now, children like Nisha are challenging the fixated beliefs of society through acquired tools such as critical and logical thinking, scientific temperament and questioning which they had learned over the period of time during our sessions.

“I through yUDAI, I am more aware of my inner and mental strength, I am a girl, I may look delicate, but I am not weak. My parents now have faith in me and my abilities to do things on my own”.

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