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Corporate Social Responsibility at Hindustan Power is geared towards enhancing the relationship of company with its various stakeholders and provide best developmental opportunities. It’s initiatives are geared towards addressing the needs and challenges of sustainable livelihoods, better health and education.

The journey from a new entrant in the energy sector to one of the leading companies in India in energy sector, was possible because of the positive change in the communities. Be the safety standards in our power generation plants, or upholding ethical governance practices, the organization has been maintaining the highest standards of environmental consciousness. Right from constituting a committee to guide and monitor its CSR programmes, to evolving interventions in accordance to the needs of the respective local communities, the Hindustan Power team has established itself as a partner to the local communities in their sustained development.

Hindustan Power's focus towards ensuring food sufficiency and sustainable livelihoods by promoting farm and non-farm based livelihood activities has met with lot of success. Named SAFAL, during the last 2 years the program has reached out to almost 5698 families in two locations through our multiple livelihood enhancement programs like improved paddy wheat and chickpea cultivation, vegetable cultivation, rejuvenation of the lac sector and backyard poultry.

In the area of education its program, TALEEM has managed to mainstream and support children who have dropped out of school. The program also works with parents through parent teacher groups and the administrative system so that a child gets all the support she/he requires in their journey to attain education.

Health programs cover the entire gamut of emergency ambulatory services, outreach clinics, health camps to consistent health messaging with beneficiary groups in contiguous villages. The milestones are many, the journey is challenging but the rewards of development entice the Hindustan Power to continue with its relentless march.

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